POLYPHEM Final Project meeting and Infoday

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The POLYPHEM Final project meeting and infoday was organised on the 5th and 6th of July 2022 by PROMES CNRS at the Centrale Solaire Thémis, in Targasonne.

On Tuesday, 5 July, the Final General Assembly gave us the occasion to meet again to prepare for the end of the project, the road ahead towards the finalization of the last deliverables, the final report, and the preparation of the project review with the European Commission in Fall 2022.

On Wednesday, 6 July, the Final Infoday was an amazing opportunity to present and explain the main results of the project. On this occasion, partners delivered interesting presentations together with an enriching panel discussion. Finally, we wrapped it with a visit of the facilities.

📚You can download the Powerpoint presentations below:

  • The project POLYPHEM: objectives, challenges, and results
    Alain Ferriere, CNRS PROMES, Project Coordinator

  • POLYPHEM Solar Receiver topic
    Sébastien Chomette, CEA

  • POLYPHEM Thermal Energy Storage
    Esther Rojas , PSA-CIEMAT

  • Modelling and Benchmarking of POLYPHEM
    Nicholas (Nic) Chandler, Fraunhofer ISE

Pictures of the event are available in the Gallery section of the Website: https://www.polyphem-project.eu/dissemination/

Once again, thank to the organizers, Alain Ferriere and Lauriane Gonzalez from PROMES CNRS for their warm welcome, as well as the eight other partners of the project, Sébastien Chomette from CEA-Liten, Esther Rojas and Margarita Rodriguez Garcia from CIEMAT, Nicholas Chandler from Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, Simon Schütrumpf from KAEFER, Richard Aumann from Orcan Energy AG, Jens Jørgen Falsig and Peter Badstue Jensen from Aalborg CSP A/S, Juan Manuel Caruncho from Arraela, S.L. and Virginie Robin and Camélia Benhida from Euronovia!

As a reminder, POLYPHEM will end on the 31st of August after more than 4.5 years of collaborative research in Concentrated Solar Power energy.