COVID-19: POLYPHEM is extended by 5 months


Since most facilities were closed during the COVID-19 context, the European Commission has approved an extension of 5 months for POLYPHEM. Therefore, the project will end in August 2022 instead of March 2022.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine measures, many Horizon 2020 projects suffered some delays in the completion of their research activities. Therefore, the European Commission facilitated the possibility for EU projects to request an amendment for an extension of up to several months.

Even though the POLYPHEM consortium kept working remotely throughout the lockdown period, most research facilities were closed across Europe, leading to delays in the completion of some activities. To ensure the timely completion of the project, a 5 months extension was requested and approved.

Stay tuned for the POLYPHEM forthcoming activities, including events, on our website, our LinkedIn group, and Twitter!