POLYPHEM presentation in CINEA brochure


The POLYPHEM project was featured in the brochure of Horizon 2020 Energy project examples of innovative solutions for smart grids and storage of CINEA published on 29 November 2021. Read more about it!

🌱CINEA or Climate, Environment, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency contributes to the European Green Deal by implementing parts of EU funding programmes for transport, energy, climate action, environment and maritime fisheries, and aquaculture.

As a reminder, CINEA provides technical and financial management services at all stages of the programme and project life cycle – from the calls for proposals, evaluation of projects, and the award of financial support, to the follow-up of project implementation and control of the use of funds allocated.

In the Horizon 2020 programme, CINEA implements two societal challenges:

  • Secure, clean and efficient energy, and
  • Smart, green and integrated transport.

📘CINEA published, on 29 November 2021, a brochure called « Horizon 2020 Energy project examples of innovative solutions for smart grids and storage » where the POLYPHEM project was selected to appear alongside 14 other European projects.

In this short presentation, the key elements of the POLYPHEM project are summarized such as the challenges, its main characteristics and objectives, and its expected impacts and results.

POLYPHEM in Supporting innovative solutions for smart grids and storage, CINEA, 29 November 2021

👉Discover the electronic version of the brochure below and skip the pages to reach page 30-31 to see the presentation!

You can also read the full document directly from the CINEA website just here.