POLYPHEM 1st Webinar on Small-scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Challenges & Opportunities

POLYPHEM_Webinar (1)

POLYPHEM organises an online event entitled “Small-scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP): Challenges & Opportunities” on Monday 13 December 2021, from 14:30-16:00 CET. Free registration here!

The POLYPHEM Webinar is organised jointly by CNRS-PROMES, CIEMAT-PSA, and AALBORG CSP.

It will address key concepts in Concentrated Solar Power technologies through different perspectives.

Moreover, it aims at sharing new ideas/concepts and facilitating networking among a large community.

Due to COVID-19 and to allow everyone to participate, the event will take place online.

On the agenda:

  • An introductory speech and a general presentation on CSP that will be followed by a focus on the POLYPHEM project by Alain Ferriere from CNRS-PROMES, POLYPHEM’s project Coordinator;
  • A presentation on thermal storage as a treasure of CSP by Esther Rojas Bravo from CIEMAT-PSA;
  • A presentation on CSP opportunities towards market and industry by Peter Badstue Jensen from AALBORG CSP.

To wrap up this event, a Q&A session will offer the possibility to the participants to interact with the speakers.

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