POLYPHEM Final Brochure

POLYPHEM_Brochure_1st page

The second and final brochure of the POLYPHEM project has been finalised and published. Let’s read more about it!

This 7-page publication presents:

  • An introduction to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) as a technology to tackle climate change,
  • The POLYPHEM project in a nutshell, its concept and innovations,
  • The funding of this collaborative Horizon 2020 project by the EU, its main characteristics and a « big picture » of the Consortium,
  • The technical work plan of the POLYPHEM project in terms of research, integration, manufacturing, testing and cross-cutting activities,
  • The timeline and key achievements of the project,
  • The expected impacts, including the technologic, european, economic, environmental and social.

Download the POLYPHEM brochure below!

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