POLYPHEM article in European Energy Innovation magazine


The POLYPHEM project was featured in the Autumn 2021 edition of the magazine of European Energy Innovation. Read more about it!

European Energy Innovation is a renowned communication platform designed with one purpose in mind: to put energy and transport stakeholders in touch with each other.

In this Autumn 2021 edition, the four main topics are:

  • EU Sustainable Energy Week
  • Delivering on the European Green Deal
  • Driving the energy transition
  • Energy renovation

The POLYPHEM project appears notably in « The contribution of EU funded projects to support the clean energy transition of EU companies » in the third part related to the « Clean energy transition ».

In this article, you will learn more about the challenges the POLYPHEM project aims to respond to, its main characteristics and objectives, and finally, its expected impacts and results.

Discover the electronic version of the magazine below and skip the pages to reach the 33 page to see the article!

You can also read the full article directly from the European Energy Innovation website just here.