POLYPHEM publications now available on the Zenodo platform


POLYPHEM has joined the Zenodo community, an open access repository platform which will gather the project data and scientific publications.

So far, the POLYPHEM team has uploaded the first Scientific Publication, Conference Proceedings as well as the project’s public deliverables.

You can access the POLYPHEM repository on Zenodo here.

Under Horizon 2020, each beneficiary must ensure open access to all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to its results. Each project also has the obligation to have an open repository for our publications and data.

About Zenodo

Zenodo is an all-purpose open research repository which is widely used among EU projects. It was created by the H2020 OpenAIRE project and CERN to provide a place for researchers to deposit publications, datasets and other research artifacts such as code, posters, presentations…. The platform does not impose any requirements on format, size, access restrictions or licence and is not restricted to one funder, or one nation. It is free to use for all research outputs from across all fields.

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