Deliverable 4.1: Report on the overall plant layout


POLYPHEM has submitted another deliverable due within Work Package 4 (WP4) dedicated to R&D on System Integration and Overall Plant Design.

This public document is the deliverable D4.1 of the project POLYPHEM.

In this task the overall plant design for the plant prototype of the POLYPHEM solar thermal combined cycle plant has been carried out. The sub-systems of the prototype under development in other work packages – solar receiver (WP1), solar-driven micro gas-turbine (WP2) and thermal energy storage (WP3) – have been aligned amongst each other and integrated into the existing THEMIS solar tower facility in order to form the complete solar-to-electric conversion chain of the prototype plant. Furthermore, based on the final design of the sub-components and on the planned operating strategies, the interconnections between the main components and the auxiliary equipment have been defined.

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