Deliverable 9.2: Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of the Project Results (PEDR)


POLYPHEM has submitted another deliverable within Work Package 9 (WP9) dedicated to Exploitation and Dissemination of the Project results and Communication.

This confidential document is the deliverable D9.2 of the project POLYPHEM.

The PEDR contains the following information:

 Definition of the target groups

 Definition of the message

 Selection of the communication channels

 Planning of the implementation

 Lists of outputs to be exploited

 Definition of the exploitation strategy

 Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The project will use the KPIs developed to assess the success of the plan and update it according to the evolution of the project.

The coordination of the implementation of the plan is done by EURONOVIA as WP9 leader.

You can find all the deliverables published so far in the « Deliverables » section.